Brinda is dancing with Krishna.

Dear Friends and Family
yesterday we were all a bit sad, because our very dear spiritual sister Brinda left her body in the early morning. After months of suffering with a lot of pain caused by cancer, she was finally allowed to pass to another plane.
While we will miss her a lot, her happy nature, her beautiful smile and her devotional singing, we are comforted in knowing that she continues her songs for her beloved Krishna in a heavenly place that is the place of our longing. One day we will join her there, that place where we can already connect with her inside our hearts.
At the end of the day during evening prayer many touching songs for Krishna came to us, and we strongly felt that she is already dancing with Krishna.
In Loving embrace, her spiritual family at Shree Peetha Nilaya, Springen, and Bhakti Marga worldwide
Who wants to bid farewell to Brinda together with us, can come to the ceremony hall of the cemetery on Martin Luther Street in Bad-Schwalbach this coming Friday, 14:00. The coffin will be open from 1pm till 1:30 pm. Everyone is welcome. After the ceremony tea and cake is offered at the hotel Kaiserhof in Bad Schwalbach.

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