Swami is back from Mauritius to Springen

Sri Swami Vishwananda
Some of us got the idea that it would be nice if we go all together and pick Swami Vishwananda up from the airport.
So we started to count the people, the cars we need, how much it would cost …
The next idea was to rent a bus. Everybody had to pay 5,-€ and on the way back Swamiji would sit with us! Wonderful!
We all went a bit earlier to the Temple prayer – shortened it a bit and then everybody quickly got on the bus to Frankfurt airport.
We were all very excited and our hearts were full of joy! This would be a surprise for Swamiji!
We did the Narasimha Prayer and the Hanuman Chalisa and some Guru-Bhajans in the bus and arrived at the airport soon – Swamiji’s plane arrived at the same time.
Now we had to wait! And of course we sung Bhajans, one after the other and the passengers wondered…
Sri Swami Vishwananda
And then – finally Swami came!
He was very happy – and we too!
Later in the bus he thanked us for this heartful welcome, for all the love he felt and that to arrive in this cold winter in Germany the warmness of our hearts makes him very happy to be here!

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