Photos of Darshan 28.01.12
















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  1. Oh My Belloved Guruji! Since I have you in my heart, all my days start and finish with a pray for You, Babaji, Divine Mother, and now Ganesha too! My life starts to transform in something good since I realise the Divine Grace exist and that is inside of us. Realy in the centre of ourselfs. Jai Gurudev!
    Thank you for everything and all the beautifull and precious moments you permit us to participate. God is all thist. We must feel His presence such as a fisical form and close from His devotes and disciples as we fell in the deep of our heart. That can not be feel it just for some ones, but for everyone. Since the most simple to the most espiritual conscient people. We are groing up on our spiritual life step by step. That take some time, dedication and patience. I am so “simple now, because I realy don´t know the most part of the “histories” of the Gods and what are they mean. For me that is not so important. The most important is to be a believer. And that for shore I am, and for shore, there are a lot of devotes in the same situation.
    The Direct transmission by internet, from the cerymonies in Springen make us feel close and partipate very Happy as we was if er be realy there. Thank you one more time, for it.

    Jai Gurudev!
    With Love and a Big Hug, from one of your “youngerst” devote from Portugal


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