Picnic with Swami Vishwananda

Always when Swami Vishwananda goes to Mauritius, He takes one day off with all His devotees there. Then they rent a bus and go to different places and temples all over the island. They take drums and cimbles and during the whole trip in the bus, there is a big party. Like we can see below, Swami is dancing in the bus with His aunt.

We had a picnic near the seaside where Swamiji had big fun splashing around and wetting everybody. By so doing He was not only playing and having fun with us but He was also blessing everyone. It is only after that we realised it.

After being blessed by Swamiji, we all sat and we had such a nice bhajan session at the beach with all the devotees. Everything was so peaceful.









This is how Swamiji takes care of us: He repeatedly gives us the chance to be with Him – one only has to be ready to get on the bus! He is always there for everyone and makes every single person happy: those who want to drum, to dance, to meditate, have fun….and all the while He gives His very unique blessings – and no-one notices! He never says anything! He wants that we feel it and become aware of it ourselves.

We’ve all experienced that: it becomes clear only much later that during a “small” and seemingly unimportant moment with Him, something very special took place…

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