Swami making up the waves.

During the picnic in January 2012, we stopped at a place and there the sea was really rough. We had to go on a small island and then we would see the nice waves. Not everyone went there, only few went as they were scared. But they don’t know what they missed. Swami was actually making the waves.

Here are some nice pictures that we took of Him:

Then we asked Swami to please make the waves come as we really wanted to see that. He just stared at us and all of a sudden He said “wave come…” As He said that, a big wave came and we all got wet. It was so amazing.









This was such an amazing and unforgettable experience with Swamiji. Even though we were completely wet, we were really happy. He gave all of us what we wanted. We so lucky to have Him as our Gurudev.


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