About the Master.

Last year Swami Vishwananda gave a Satsang in Bordeaux!

One of the questions was:
“When and how did you know that you are a master?”
Swamiji’s answer:
Myself, I don’t say that I am a master, but I am born like that, so it is not that I became. I dont call myself ‘master’, the people say ‘master’ out of respect.
But in reality what is a master?
In reality a master is the slave of everybody; yes, we say ‘Master’, but in reality he is the slave of everybody even if he is sitting on a beautiful chair.
He is here lifting people up (he makes a gestic with his arms like lifting something up) and he himself (the master) is down, but he has already done the way. He comes here to help and to lift up people – but only with humility.
Finally, when you are reallized, you see that there is no master and that there are no deciples. It is just the game it has to be played by being on this planet earth.”

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