Sri Swami Vishwananda’s birthday celebration.

Swami VIshwananda

Jai Gurudev, tonight we will be celebrating the birthday of our Beloved Gurudev Sri Swami Vishwananda at the Sri Ranganath Mandir in Rose-Hill. We will be having a special kirtan & bhajan dancing afterwards. Dinner will be served on that occasion. Everyone is most welcomed. Please be here and don’t miss this speacial event. Bhajans will start at 7 p.m – 9 p.m.


Narasimha Chaturdasi

The devotees of Sri Ranganath Mandir have the great pleasure to invite you and your family to celebrate the glory of Lord Narasimha this Friday 4th of May . Prayers will start at 19.00 – 21.00. There will be a yagna, abishekam and bhajan singing on that special day. Come and celebrate with us.

Durga Prayer in Springen.







Every Tuesdays, evening prayer is for Durga Maa in Springen.
Last night, Swami Vishwananda was with the devotees and His presence made so much of difference.

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Shivratree 2012

On the 18th of February, a group of devotees went on the pilgrimage to Ganga-Talao. It was so much of fun to see all the hindus across the country going there. We had so much of fun whilst going to Ganga-Talao.









On the road, pilgrims were carrying huge and really nice Kawals, with a murti of Shiva or any other deity. There was one Kawal which had a Narshingadev as its main deity.











During the great night of Shivratri, many people came to the temple to assist the prayers whole night.









A devotee also disguised himself and did the prayers.











Finally, after the last abishekam, we decorated the Shiva Lingam, which is the oldest in Mauritius, beautifully.

Pilgrimage to Ganga Talao

The devotees of Sri Ranganath Mandir will go on a pilgrimage this Saturday 17th of February. Anyone who wants to join, please feel free to come. We will meet at the temple in Rose-Hill at 5 p.m to do prayers and we will leave around 5.30 p.m for Grand-Bassin. We will sing bhajans and have fun during the trip to Grand-Bassin.

For more info, contact: (+230)7116633


Picnic with Swami Vishwananda

Always when Swami Vishwananda goes to Mauritius, He takes one day off with all His devotees there. Then they rent a bus and go to different places and temples all over the island. They take drums and cimbles and during the whole trip in the bus, there is a big party. Like we can see below, Swami is dancing in the bus with His aunt.

We had a picnic near the seaside where Swamiji had big fun splashing around and wetting everybody. By so doing He was not only playing and having fun with us but He was also blessing everyone. It is only after that we realised it.

After being blessed by Swamiji, we all sat and we had such a nice bhajan session at the beach with all the devotees. Everything was so peaceful.









This is how Swamiji takes care of us: He repeatedly gives us the chance to be with Him – one only has to be ready to get on the bus! He is always there for everyone and makes every single person happy: those who want to drum, to dance, to meditate, have fun….and all the while He gives His very unique blessings – and no-one notices! He never says anything! He wants that we feel it and become aware of it ourselves.

We’ve all experienced that: it becomes clear only much later that during a “small” and seemingly unimportant moment with Him, something very special took place…

Swami’s new trip to Mauritius

Sri Swami Vishwananda will be visiting Mauritius again this year on the 15th of July till the 05th of August. We so excited and impatient to see Him again. Details of the program during His trip will be available soon.

2012 New Year Message by Swami Vishwananda: Learn to listen to your Heart!

  Jai Gurudev dear Ones

For 2012 I wish you all Love and Peace. . Use the coming year to intensify and deepen your relationship with the Divine within yourself.
Go deeper within. Intensify your prayers. And calm your mind. Let it be on God. Wherever you are, chant His Name and be positive. Keep reminding yourself of the humility of the heart. Learn to listen to your heart.
The time we all live in is special.
So don’t waste time! Open up! Give. Give Love freely from your heart. And may you obtain the Grace of God.
Much Love and Blessings

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