Shivratree 2012

On the 18th of February, a group of devotees went on the pilgrimage to Ganga-Talao. It was so much of fun to see all the hindus across the country going there. We had so much of fun whilst going to Ganga-Talao.









On the road, pilgrims were carrying huge and really nice Kawals, with a murti of Shiva or any other deity. There was one Kawal which had a Narshingadev as its main deity.











During the great night of Shivratri, many people came to the temple to assist the prayers whole night.









A devotee also disguised himself and did the prayers.











Finally, after the last abishekam, we decorated the Shiva Lingam, which is the oldest in Mauritius, beautifully.


Pilgrimage to Ganga Talao

The devotees of Sri Ranganath Mandir will go on a pilgrimage this Saturday 17th of February. Anyone who wants to join, please feel free to come. We will meet at the temple in Rose-Hill at 5 p.m to do prayers and we will leave around 5.30 p.m for Grand-Bassin. We will sing bhajans and have fun during the trip to Grand-Bassin.

For more info, contact: (+230)7116633


Maha Shivratri at the Sri Ranganath Mandir

On the great night of Shiva, that is on the 20th of February, we will have prayers which will start at 6.30 p.m and will end around midnight. We will start with a kalash pooja followed by bhajans, yagna and abishekam.

Everyone is most welcomed.

Donations are welcomed.

About the Master.

Last year Swami Vishwananda gave a Satsang in Bordeaux!

One of the questions was:
“When and how did you know that you are a master?”
Swamiji’s answer:
Myself, I don’t say that I am a master, but I am born like that, so it is not that I became. I dont call myself ‘master’, the people say ‘master’ out of respect.
But in reality what is a master?
In reality a master is the slave of everybody; yes, we say ‘Master’, but in reality he is the slave of everybody even if he is sitting on a beautiful chair.
He is here lifting people up (he makes a gestic with his arms like lifting something up) and he himself (the master) is down, but he has already done the way. He comes here to help and to lift up people – but only with humility.
Finally, when you are reallized, you see that there is no master and that there are no deciples. It is just the game it has to be played by being on this planet earth.”

Pictures of Darshan in Springen

In order for everyone to enjoy the darshan that Swamiji gave on the 11th of February, here are the pictures full of unconditional love from Swamiji.








To see more pictures, please click here.

“The next please!”

Since yesterday Swami Vishwananda is back in Springen.
After the evening Prayer he had some time for everybody who had something on their heart.
… with Naamdev about some financial things…
… and with Bionodini about a booklet in french…
Some were standing aside watching the scene and Swamiji said: “The next please!”

Lord Shiva

We found a nice picture depicting the attributes of Lord Shiva:














For more click here.

Thanks Meera Dasi for the picture!

Shiva Chalisa

Together with Swami Vishwananda we will celebrate the holy night of Shiva, “Maha Shivaratri”.
It is celebrated in the darkest night of the hindu month Phalguna which falls in our calendar this year on the 20th/21st of February.
To see more, click here.

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